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Blog Editing a "Trendy" New Job Blog Editing a "Trendy" New Job

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Last week, an article on listed seven trendy new jobs ... and blog editing was one of the seven.

All I can say is, "It's about time blog editing got recognized!"  I've been editing blogs for about 3 years, though getting clients hasn't been easy.  The argument I usually hear is that "blogs are meant to be casual and off-the-cuff, not prissy and formal."  To which I reply that misspelled and misused words, poor grammar, confusing sentence structure and non-working links don't make anyone's blog writing casual -- just sloppy. 

Editing isn't designed to make writing stiff or homogenized; it's meant to keep the reader from having to "translate" what you write into what you mean, to help them easily "get" you  ... whatever your writing style.

My earliest blog customer and the biggest cheerleader of my blog editing skills is Tom Parish.  He took the leap early and now has me editing both his 4WebResults and Talking Portraits blogs.  Nothing prissy or formal there -- just Tom doing his thing -- but his messages are spelled right (unless he publishes an article before notifying me to edit it).

So if you want to take your blog to the next level, possibly even get it sponsored, hire a blog editor.  Look for one who won't alter your "voice" or writing style, which is the essence of your blog.  Find one who will clean up grammar, spelling, usage, links, and who can work with integrity in your blog site.  Your readers will thank you!



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