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Still think typos don't cost you? Still think typos don't cost you?

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Reprinted with permission from the Marketing Minute, a free weekly
newsletter written by Marcia Yudkin on creating marketing:

Occasionally I encounter marketers who insist spelling 
doesn't matter.  "No one really cares," their argument 
goes.  "Typos humanize the copy, and besides, everyone 
knows what we mean."
Oh, really?
* In 2004, Judge Jacob P. Hart of Philadelphia slashed the 
fee due an attorney in half because of overabundant typos. 
The lawyer lost $31,350.
* In Britain, DDS Media had to destroy 10,000 spelling game 
DVDs whose cover misspelled a popular TV anchor's name.
* A Wisconsin-based editor paid an executive recruiter 
$1,720 to spruce up her resume and send it to 200 potential 
employers, only to learn that the resumes went out 
containing a section of gibberish.  The editor sued the 
headhunter for more than $75,000.
* In 2005, a trader on the Tokyo stock exchange intended to 
trade 1 share at 610,000 yen, but instead placed an order 
for 610,000 shares at 1 yen each.  The firm's loss:  around 
$18.7 million.
* A spell-check service whose motto is "no more embarrassing 
errors" itself uses "then" where "than" is correct.  Will 
potential clients really laugh this off?
READ MORE:  For additional stories about the high cost of 
typos and a checklist on how to avoid them, go to:
Find out what happened when a would-be bank robber just 
couldn't spell.


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