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The Shoe That Thinks - a Follow-up The Shoe That Thinks - a Follow-up

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Now that you've read Joe's writing about the shoe that thinks, I want to comment on his message that hypnotic marketing is nothing more than sharing your sincere passion with the people who most want to hear it.

That's what good writing is all about too.  What do you have a passion for?  Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, website text, or your annual family Christmas letter ... if you write genuinely and envision the people who are going to read it, you'll create something those people want to read.

Another thing: How old did you feel as you read through Joe's story about his shoes?  I could feel myself getting younger and younger, as though I were at a campfire being told an intriguing tale, and the storyteller was enjoying creating the suspense.  And I was enjoying being teased along.  When I'm feeling that playful tension, I start to grin, which is what I was doing toward the end of Joe's piece.  He was having fun not telling me the brand of the shoes, and I was having fun not being told. Well, for a while, anyway!  I did feel relief when he finally mentioned the brand.

Consider not telling everything up front the next time you write a story or create dialogue.  Give the reader an opportunity to be intrigued.


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