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Top 10 Grammar Errors that Haunt Web Pages Top 10 Grammar Errors that Haunt Web Pages

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Top Ten Grammar Errors that Haunt Web Pages
. . . Since content is crucial, isn’t it time to
introduce a few grammar tips?

by Robin Nobles 

With all of this talk about content, don’t you think it’s time to have a frank discussion about grammar? Our Web sites are our online store fronts—our online images. If our sites are full of grammar errors, what does that say about the professionalism of our businesses?

The Internet tends to be a more relaxed atmosphere, so should we expect to see a more relaxed use of grammar on the Net?

No. Just because the Internet is a different publishing medium, and just because we’ve gotten a little lax in our editing or forgotten some of our grammar rules, that doesn’t make it correct.

It’s time to pay attention to our own Web pages and relearn some of the basic grammar rules that we may have forgotten along the way.

Let’s look at what I consider to be some of the top grammar errors that haunt Web pages:

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